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A regular check-up is essential together with a good diet and exercise plan to build up our immunity and maintain vitality for life. Early detection is better than late. But late is still better than never.



Now a woman, you are ready to explore the world and embark in an independent and exciting adventure called life.

Vaginal and pelvic infections can be avoided by taking good care of your hygiene down-south.

Similarly, while Menses may cause a little discomfort but it shouldn’t mean to cause excruciating pain. Consult with a gyneacologist for contraceptive advice and female health screening for fertility if your menses are irregular.


Women in their thirties are usually are at their busiest. Juggling both work and family life, sometimes your health takes a backseat.

That shouldn’t be the case.

At this age, it’s good to have a good relationship with a gynaecologist. Your gyneacologist would be able to help detect early symptoms or warning signs of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases and fertility problems.


When a woman enters her 4-series, the body starts to prepare itself for the menopause.

Many women in this age group are at increased risk of breast cancer, cervical abnormalities, development of fibroids and ovarian cysts. The risk is greater if she has it in her family history or if she has never borne children.

This is the time to push the health reset button in order to enjoy a high quality life in the future.


Congratulations! You have done so well to reach this stage in life. Don’t stop now.

It is time to enjoy the fruits of your labour! This is the time to travel the world, to enjoy your grandchildren, and escalate your religious performance without health interference.

The body is like a car. If you service it regularly, age is just a number. You’re as good as any new models they come up with. Consult your physician for the latest treatment on boosters, anti-aging and therapies to delay the aging proses.

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